Celebrating Ten Years!

by Bas Bremmer

Today marks my tenth Anniversary at AppSense. Before my career here I used to work for an AppSense customer (Sita/Suez) where I used the solution to maintain a highly complex, multiplatform environment in a simple way by using AppSense to separate the user from the underlying infrastructure. Excited by the

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AppSense Connects with Nutanix .NEXT On Tour

by Simon Clephan

AppSense Connects with Nutanix .NEXT On Tour. The Nutanix .NEXT On Tour kicked off on August 18th, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale, Arizona, and will continue on to 99 more cities across 36 countries. The event is geared toward bringing together IT industry leaders & professionals who missed

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Together Citrix and AppSense Just Make Sense

by Shelley O'Brien

HASSELL, a multidisciplinary design practice with offices in Australia, China, Singapore, Thailand, and The United Kingdom needed to solve a problem. How could they improve the way they delivered workspaces to their designers, who require powerful machines to handle the intense, 3D design tools they work with daily?

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Faster Logon Times are Just the Beginning

by Doug Lane

Logging on to a PC or virtual desktop is the first thing your users do everyday. Ensuring that your users can hit the ground running with a responsive user experience is more important than keeping up the coffee supply in the staff kitchen. (OK, maybe not that important.) Long logons also impact

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Six Reasons to Get User Experience Right

by Doug Lane

Users are complex and unpredictable. When it comes to computing, they crave freedom, personalization, and convenience, but they also expect IT to deliver a responsive and well-managed desktop at all times. Here are the top six reasons that it pays to get user experience right: Users want a seamless experience across devices

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AppSense Citrix Mobility

AppSense Sponsors Citrix Mobility Conference Sydney

by AppSense

AppSense is excited to be a Silver Sponsor for the 2015 Citrix Mobility Conference at the Hilton on Tuesday July 7th in Sydney Australia. If you don’t already have your ticket for the conference make sure to register here and join the AppSense team at what will surely be a great

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New on AppSense Exchange: Community Submissions

by Gary McAllister

AppSense Exchange has been live for several years now, giving AppSense a way to quickly share best practice templates, snippets, configurations, and tools with our customers and the broader community outside of major software releases. The use of templates and snippets gives DesktopNow particularly powerful flexibility. The ability to import and

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Profile Series – Mandatory Profile Gotchas

by Gareth Beaumont

  When setting up an environment, whether it be a new one or an existing one, a discussion needs to be held as to what profile type should be used to support end user and administrator requirements. There are numerous profile types, the most common are: Local Roaming Mandatory Guest

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AppSense Sponsors Citrix Synergy Unplugged 2015

by Shelley O'Brien

For those that were not able to attend Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando May 12-14, Citrix has organized a Synergy Unplugged roadshow.  AppSense is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of this informative lunch and learn series in all US locations.  Over 2,000 individuals have already registered with more events being

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