Future-Proofing: Examples from the Real World

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Whether it’s a planned OS migration, a physical to virtual migration, domain migration or just a lost device, migrations happen. But with AppSense migrate doesn’t have to mean migraine. Because the AppSense platform can decouple the profile, policy and data from the underlying system, it’s effortless to migrate users to

Take a UEM Journey with AppSense at Citrix Synergy 2015

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AppSense is returning to Citrix Synergy as a Gold Sponsor in 2015, and we have some amazing plans taking flight. Synergy is always a highlight of AppSense’s event calendar, but this year we are going big. Really big. If you’re attending the show, be sure to visit us at Booth

Cleaning Out Your Closet (Sweep Out Old Custom Scripts)

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  One thing I see often when reviewing configurations is customers still using custom actions/conditions to achieve goals that can be addressed natively with the latest versions of our products, even after upgrading. While many of these approaches may “do the job”, there is a better way. The most common example

99 problems…is endpoint security one of them?

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Endpoint Security Webinar

At AppSense we try to educate our audience through a regular cadence of webinars on various aspects of user environment management. I am particularly excited about our upcoming security webinar on reducing surface of attack through application control and privilege management. Breaches are becoming increasingly public and increasingly damaging to

Investing in the UEM Partner Ecosystem

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If you’ve been following along on the AppSense blog and social media channels lately, you’ve likely seen us talking about our partners as much as ourselves. Solution providers and technology alliance partners play an essential role in our business, and the AppSense team has been blanketing the globe to drive

Web Installations Don’t Have to Be a Pain in the SAAS  

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  In today’s modern workplace, the volume of applications being delivered to users via a Web Platform is ever increasing. The traditional deployment model for on-premises software is expected to significantly shrink further from 34% today to 18% by 2017 according to Gartner. However, a major concern for today’s CIOs and

Simplicity Doesn’t Just Matter on Day One

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Technology vendors love checking boxes on feature lists. We do it. Everyone else does it. And it actually does provide some value to IT buyers trying to assess various vendor options. The problem is that the strengths, weakness, and areas of parity among technology vendors are often very nuanced. Doing

When is Free a Risky Choice?

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The User Environment Management (UEM) market has been high profile recently. VMware bought a profile management product (Immidio) and today announced a new application bundle. Meanwhile, Al Monserrat left Citrix and now heads up RES Software touting their IT Store. So how do all these offerings compare and what makes

Application Manager 8.9 Updates

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Application Manager 8.9 Today’s announcement of Application Manager 8.9 introduced several new features, such as Windows App Store support and customizable message boxes. We’ve also enhanced a number of existing features, such as device rules and self-elevation. AppSense’s “user-first” design philosophy ensures user experience is maintained as desktops are being secured. The

Better Together? Nope. Required.

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In my last post, I highlighted that the channel is central to AppSense’s strategy moving forward. Solution Providers play a critical role in turning products from industry leaders like AppSense, Citrix, and VMware into solutions to real world customer problems. Partners have a unique vantage point into what it takes

Welcome, Al.

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I’ve known Al Monserrat—the newly appointed CEO of RES Software—for over ten years, and I value his wisdom, experience and high-integrity leadership. I count him as a friend. So it’s especially exciting that we both joined companies categorized within the user environment management (UEM) market within the past week – AppSense

UEM is About More Than Personalization

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  Most customers find their way AppSense because they are trying to give their users the ability to move from point A to point B easily. Sometimes it’s a move from physical to virtual. Sometimes it’s an ongoing need to roam between different Remote Desktop Session Hosts. Sometimes it’s a

A Win-Win for Workers and IT (and your bottom line)

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Endpoint Security Webinar

More than ever, users expect their workspace to be available when they need it and where they need it.  They don’t want to wait while their bloated profile loads, while their desktop is unresponsive, or while IT fixes a corrupted profile.  They want the flexibility to download applications and customize

Advanced Logging for Personalization Server

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  In this blog I’m going to discuss using advanced logging of Personalization HTTP traffic, with the goal of keeping life simple for those of us tasked with managing or troubleshooting Personalization systems. The communication between a single Environment Manager Personalization server and endpoints is relatively simple and requires very

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