iOS 7 Mobile Application Management: Open in Management or Managed open In for Enterprise Mobility is a day late and a dollar short

Posted by Mittal Parekh on November 13, 2013  /   Posted in Data, General, Mobile Management  /  2 comments

Folks, if you landed here directly then please start from the opening blog that sets the stage and then c’mon back. In this episode of iOS 7 in enterprises: Just Add Enterprise Mobility Management Solution, I am going to discuss the “Managed Open In” or “Open in Management” feature of

The Corporate Data Paradigm

Posted by Ian Bray on November 11, 2013  /   Posted in Data, DataNow  /  0 comments

Over the last two weeks you may have read our blogs Mobilizing your Enterprise Data with DataNow Enterprise and Using DataNow for Secure File Access and Sync. We at AppSense believe that corporate data security and ease of access for the people who need that data to do their job

Simplified File Sync and Sharing Brings Students’ Focus Back to Learning

Posted by Doug Lane on November 07, 2013  /   Posted in Data, DataNow, Mobile Management  /  0 comments

The use of technology is expanding rapidly in the educational setting, and many of the desktop and EMM challenges we see regularly in the corporate world are greatly magnified in the education sector thanks to broader use of shared computing systems and an unpredictable student user population. AppSense has worked with

The Best DesktopNow Ever

Posted by Jon Rolls, CTO of Desktop on October 29, 2013  /   Posted in Desktop Management, DesktopNow, Mobile Management  /  0 comments

We’ve recently delivered a lot of briefings (“AppSense Achieves Record Year”), updates (Desktop Virtualization podcast with and publicity (“VMware reverses decision on ThinApp licensing”) around DesktopNow – our suite of management products for optimizing and securing the user environment on Windows desktops, whether physical or virtual. I thought it

Server Configuration Utility – Power to the IT Administrator

Posted by Jon Allsop on October 24, 2013  /   Posted in Desktop Management, DesktopNow, General  /  0 comments

The Server Configuration Utility has been part of the AppSense desktop suite since 2008, assisting IT Administrators in the setup and configuration of Management Server and Personalization Servers. However up until now it has only offered a graphical user interface to configure or monitor an individual server. As larger and

Learn to Love Your File Shares Again with DataNow

Posted by Doug Lane on October 22, 2013  /   Posted in DataNow, Mobile Management  /  0 comments
datanow demo3

Back in the days when we all worked on Windows PCs tethered to the corporate network, group file shares were a great way to collaborate on projects. However, as corporate computing shifted to laptops and diversified to include new devices like Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, most users turned

AppSense enables even more powerful desktop management with new Application Manager and Management Center releases

Posted by Gareth Kitson on October 14, 2013  /   Posted in Corporate, Desktop Management, DesktopNow, General  /  0 comments

Today I am proud to announce the release of AppSense Application Manager 8.7 (AM 8.7) and Management Center 8.5 (AMC 8.5), both delivering new features, enhancements to existing functionality, and support for the latest Microsoft desktop, server and application delivery technologies. For those unfamiliar with our suite of desktop products,

Simplify Desktop Migration and Recovery with DataNow and Environment Manager

Posted by Doug Lane on October 08, 2013  /   Posted in Data, DataNow, Desktop Management, Mobile Management  /  0 comments
datanow demo2

In my last post, I highlighted how DataNow addresses the growing mobile file sync challenges that many enterprises face. However, reigning in the user data on existing Windows PCs is arguably an even bigger challenge for many enterprise IT teams. Now that laptops are the default computing platform in many organizations, users are

Using DataNow for Secure File Access and Sync

Posted by Doug Lane on September 24, 2013  /   Posted in Data, DataNow, Mobile Management  /  0 comments
datanow demo1

When we show DataNow to prospective customers, the first potential use that generally comes to mind is eliminating the “Dropbox problem” that hit many IT teams from out of nowhere as tablet and smartphone usage exploded. I know what you’re thinking: lots of vendors are trying to solve this problem

Mobilize Your Enterprise Data with DataNow Enterprise

Posted by Doug Lane on September 23, 2013  /   Posted in DataNow  /  0 comments
DataNow logo

Earlier today, we announced DataNow Enterprise, a significant update to our enterprise file sync and sharing offering. Since day one, the DataNow approach has appealed to enterprise customers, who overwhelmingly prefer to enable anywhere file access using on-premises storage that they control. DataNow Enterprise builds on this foundation by adding

AppSense MobileNow Supports iOS 7 From Day One

Posted by Mittal Parekh on September 19, 2013  /   Posted in Mobile Management  /  1 comment

Congratulations to Apple for launching its most enterprise friendly mobile operating system to date. Understandably, with the launch of Apple’s breakthrough iOS 7, businesses like yours have lots of questions about the role third-party mobile application management (MAM) solutions will play with this key release. By leveraging 3rd party Enterprise

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