New on AppSense Exchange: Community Submissions

Posted by Gary McAllister on June 23, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

AppSense Exchange has been live for several years now, giving AppSense a way to quickly share best practice templates, snippets, configurations, and tools with our customers and the broader community outside of major software releases. The use of templates and snippets gives DesktopNow particularly powerful flexibility. The ability to import and

Profile Series – Mandatory Profile Gotchas

Posted by Gareth Beaumont on June 18, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

  When setting up an environment, whether it be a new one or an existing one, a discussion needs to be held as to what profile type should be used to support end user and administrator requirements. There are numerous profile types, the most common are: Local Roaming Mandatory Guest

AppSense Sponsors Citrix Synergy Unplugged 2015

Posted by Shelley O'Brien on June 15, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

For those that were not able to attend Citrix Synergy 2015 in Orlando May 12-14, Citrix has organized a Synergy Unplugged roadshow.  AppSense is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of this informative lunch and learn series in all US locations.  Over 2,000 individuals have already registered with more events being

Coniston Challenge 2015

Posted by AppSense Charity Guardians on June 02, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

The CSR program is a commitment by AppSense to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life for our workforce and their families, as well as that of the local community and society at large. As part of this program in November 2011 AppSense formed the

DesktopNow & Java Virtual Machines (JVM’s)

Posted by Matt Walsh on May 26, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

  Last time I started you off with a nice easy blog around troubleshooting.  Now it’s time to venture deeper down the rabbit hole. Let’s take a look at how our DesktopNow suite interacts with Java applications. We have seen a trend of issues reporting that Java applications will no longer launch

Why You Should Care About User Experience

Posted by Shelley O'Brien on May 19, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments
Endpoint Security Webinar

Today’s enterprise environments are more complex than ever. Promising technologies like virtual desktops and desktops as a service have emerged, and mobile device use is exploding.  But, at the same time, physical PCs are here to stay. Hybrid computing environments are the new reality. Enterprise IT success today has little

Future-Proofing: Examples from the Real World

Posted by Shelley O'Brien on May 18, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

Whether it’s a planned OS migration, a physical to virtual migration, domain migration or just a lost device, migrations happen. But with AppSense migrate doesn’t have to mean migraine. Because the AppSense platform can decouple the profile, policy and data from the underlying system, it’s effortless to migrate users to

Take a UEM Journey with AppSense at Citrix Synergy 2015

Posted by Jed Ayres on May 08, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

AppSense is returning to Citrix Synergy as a Gold Sponsor in 2015, and we have some amazing plans taking flight. Synergy is always a highlight of AppSense’s event calendar, but this year we are going big. Really big. If you’re attending the show, be sure to visit us at Booth

Cleaning Out Your Closet (Sweep Out Old Custom Scripts)

Posted by Richard King on May 07, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

  One thing I see often when reviewing configurations is customers still using custom actions/conditions to achieve goals that can be addressed natively with the latest versions of our products, even after upgrading. While many of these approaches may “do the job”, there is a better way. The most common example

99 problems…is endpoint security one of them?

Posted by Bassam Khan on May 04, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments
Endpoint Security Webinar

At AppSense we try to educate our audience through a regular cadence of webinars on various aspects of user environment management. I am particularly excited about our upcoming security webinar on reducing surface of attack through application control and privilege management. Breaches are becoming increasingly public and increasingly damaging to

Investing in the UEM Partner Ecosystem

Posted by Simon Clephan on April 28, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  1 comment

If you’ve been following along on the AppSense blog and social media channels lately, you’ve likely seen us talking about our partners as much as ourselves. Solution providers and technology alliance partners play an essential role in our business, and the AppSense team has been blanketing the globe to drive

Web Installations Don’t Have to Be a Pain in the SAAS  

Posted by Paul Whalley on April 27, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

  In today’s modern workplace, the volume of applications being delivered to users via a Web Platform is ever increasing. The traditional deployment model for on-premises software is expected to significantly shrink further from 34% today to 18% by 2017 according to Gartner. However, a major concern for today’s CIOs and

Simplicity Doesn’t Just Matter on Day One

Posted by Doug Lane on April 24, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

Technology vendors love checking boxes on feature lists. We do it. Everyone else does it. And it actually does provide some value to IT buyers trying to assess various vendor options. The problem is that the strengths, weakness, and areas of parity among technology vendors are often very nuanced. Doing

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