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Windows 10: Your Next Profile Challenge

Posted by Stephan Orwat on October 15, 2014  /   Posted in Desktop Management, General  /  0 comments
Windows 10

Microsoft just released a technical preview of Windows 10, the next generation of its dominant desktop operating system. Along with the re-introduction and improvement of the start menu, and a slew of new features, there’s some under the hood stuff we need to talk about. In particular, Windows 10 brings a

Experience AppSense at VMworld Barcelona

Posted by Bassam Khan on October 10, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments
VMworld Barcelona

VMworld 2014 Europe starts on Tuesday, and here at AppSense we’re once again packing our bags and heading to Barcelona baby! There’s tons of things we’re planning on drinking experiencing, but our main agenda is to show you how you can save time and money by deploying the Best Desktop Ever. Our

Herding Cats at the City of Round Rock

Posted by Bassam Khan on October 09, 2014  /   Posted in DesktopNow, General  /  1 comment

For the past twenty years, I’ve worked in Silicon Valley companies product managing databases, security systems and other enterprise software. I can safely say that user experience is increasingly becoming the critical success factor to any user-facing technology. And that doesn’t start and end with a set of fancy screens; “experience”

“Shellshock” vulnerability and AppSense products

Posted by Prem Ananthakrishnan on September 25, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments
Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.03.42 PM

A new security vulnerability dubbed “Shellshock” was recently discovered in the Bash shell, a component that’s common in many UNIX and Linux operating systems, thereby potentially allowing remote code execution on these systems. Upon learning of the “Shellshock” vulnerability, the AppSense development team moved rapidly to assess any potential impact to

Application Manager Web Snippets

Posted by Gary McAllister on September 24, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

We’ve recently added several Web Snippets to AppSense Exchange for use with Application Manager. That’s cool you’re thinking, but what are Web Snippets and how can I get them? Visit this place: and search for “web snippets”. And as for what are they? They are tiny bits of common

The VDI Migration Secret You Need to Hear

Posted by Doug Lane on September 18, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

Whenever I tackle an important project, I usually start by running a web search or harassing peers to see who has sailed the same unfamiliar waters. Whether I find examples of spectacular success or colossal failure, there is always something I can learn that will help me plan my attack

Privilege Management for an Unpredictable World

Posted by Doug Lane on September 15, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

Now that the excitement of VMworld is behind us, let’s get back to our regular schedule of new Best Desktop Ever goodness. As an IT team, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that will make life easier as much as reducing the number of users with full admin rights

Thanks for a Great VMworld 2014

Posted by Doug Lane on September 05, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

As promised, the AppSense team was out in full force last week in San Francisco showing off “The Best Desktop Ever” both on the show floor and around town. The whole thing was actually kind of a blur: User experience and new methods of delivering desktops and applications were hot

The Best VMware Desktop Starts with AppSense

Posted by Doug Lane on August 20, 2014  /   Posted in Desktop Management, General  /  0 comments

VMworld 2014 starts on Sunday, and here at AppSense we’re packing our bags for San Francisco! Besides our toothbrushes (note to self: remember toothbrush), we’re also bringing the Best Desktop Ever with us next week. We’re laser-focused on helping you manage and deliver your users’ desktops faster, easier and at

Updated Performance Manager Templates

Posted by Jon Rolls, CTO of Desktop on August 12, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

In version 8.2 of Performance Manager, AppSense introduced out of the box configurations which were optimized for specific environments (RDS, VDI, Physical Desktop, etc.). Happily, these configurations have been tweaked and optimized by our internal consultants and partners as we’ve deployed more and more PM. We thought it would be

The Best Desktop Ever is Here

Posted by Doug Lane on July 31, 2014  /   Posted in Desktop Management, DesktopNow, General  /  0 comments

Earlier today, we announced a major update to our flagship DesktopNow suite. The new release, which is available for download on our customer extranet, includes over 250 user-requested enhancements to help our customers deliver faster, easier, and lower cost enterprise desktops. This short video provides an overview of what’s

SQL Server Reporting Services Models Available on AppSense Exchange

Posted by Gary McAllister on July 08, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  3 comments

I’m delighted to say that two SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) models have been made available for download on AppSense Exchange. A Report Model is a user-friendly description of an underlying database, with pre-established data relationships and auto-generated queries. The Report Models give you the ability to create highly customized

The Power of Three: IT Challenges of 2014

Posted by Shane Wescott on May 22, 2014  /   Posted in General  /  1 comment

Hi Guys, It’s been a while since I have written a blog but there is so much we’ve been doing lately I thought I had something of value to share. No this is not just a blog about lovely brunettes zapping people with magical powers, it’s about focus, it’s about

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