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AppSense DesktopNow for Citrix Workspace Cloud

by Simon Clephan

Since 1999 AppSense has been delivering solutions built on Citrix technologies. Indeed, our long relationship with Citrix is built on delivering exceptional value to Citrix customers. The latest result of the AppSense/Citrix partnership is the AppSense blueprint for installing DesktopNow, released today and available now on the Citrix Workspace Cloud

October 01, 2015  |   Cloud Computing, DesktopNow  |  0 comments

Cloud Computing and The Fall of The Old Guard

by Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud

Late last year I attended the AWS re: Invent conference, Amazon’s first global conference dedicated to all things cloud.  The conference itself was spectacular, hosting an array of impressive sponsors and an enviable lineup of speakers.  Throughout the various sessions, one theme was prevalent:  cloud computing is fundamentally changing the

February 07, 2013  |   Cloud Computing, Executive Insights  |  18 comments
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