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Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud

About Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud

Jon is a senior executive and technology veteran having worked with some of the largest and most complex technology environments in the world. As Chief Technology Officer for Cloud & Emerging Technologies at AppSense, Jon focuses on creating disruptive strategy and maintains an in-depth view of the industry at large. With the experience of working from the field level to the boardroom Jon brings a unique viewpoint catering for many factors and one which is based on real world experience. Jon is also the author of and can be found on Twitter here

The Evolution of BYOD and IT Consumerization

Posted by Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud on February 28, 2013  /   Posted in Cloud Computing, Executive Insights, Mobile Management  /  5 comments

There are many terms or phrases often thrown about in technology conversations, and as IT consumerization gains traction, BYOD has become an increasingly popular topic for discussion.  While we can thank the iPhone for this concept of users bringing their own devices into the enterprise, the growth of BYOD was

Cloud Computing and The Fall of The Old Guard

Posted by Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud on February 07, 2013  /   Posted in Cloud Computing, Executive Insights  /  18 comments

Late last year I attended the AWS re: Invent conference, Amazon’s first global conference dedicated to all things cloud.  The conference itself was spectacular, hosting an array of impressive sponsors and an enviable lineup of speakers.  Throughout the various sessions, one theme was prevalent:  cloud computing is fundamentally changing the

Thought Provoker: The Link Between BYOD and User Virtualization

Posted by Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud on August 06, 2012  /   Posted in Executive Insights, Mobile Management  /  14 comments

It’s amazing how much technology and those responsible for its adoption have changed over the last few decades. The balance of power has shifted from businesses dictating what technologies employees use in the workplace, to users taking matters into their own hands and bringing personal devices into the office that

The Ultimate in BYOD

Posted by Jon Wallace, CTO of Cloud on July 26, 2012  /   Posted in Mobile Management  /  0 comments
Etch-a-Sketch Drawing

I’m in Las Vegas this week checking out the security conferences namely Blackhat and Defcon however on the flight over I experienced what I could only describe as amazing. As the plane reached 10’000ft I proceeded to get out my iPad as did the passenger to my right however the

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