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Darron Antill, CEO

About Darron Antill, CEO

Technology business leader and enthusiast Darron Antill brings more than 20 years of technology sales and management experience to his role as an AppSense IT executive. A firm believer in a world that enables enterprise mobility, Darron often blogs about industry observations, business issues and technology advancements related to enterprise software environments.

Is Your Workforce Truly Enabled?

by Darron Antill, CEO

When I first started working, policies were completely different from what they are today. Employees went to the office each day, sat at their desktops, accessed information from their local network drives and worked the standard “office hours.” But times have most certainly changed for all of us, and the

April 22, 2013  |   Executive Insights  |  2 comments

Are Corporate App Stores the New COIT Trend?

by Darron Antill, CEO

It is no secret that COIT has had a tremendous impact on global enterprises, as employees are using any technology assets available (corporate and personally-owned) to do their jobs more effectively. This COIT trend impacts the way we all do business, myself included. Productivity is often about personal choice and

April 15, 2013  |   Executive Insights  |  1 comment
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