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Posted by on May 28, 2013 | Mobile Management | 2 comments

$2.3 Billion Financial Services Institution Embraces BYODThe growing trend of BYOD in today’s increasingly mobile workforce has put pressure on corporate IT to enable employees with secure access to corporate data across device and location. However, many of the basic problems related to BYOD cannot be managed with traditional mobile device management (MDM) tools, a risk that a highly regulated industry like financial services simply cannot take.

One of our recent customers, Chevron Federal Credit Union (CFCU) understands this issue all too well. CFCU is a highly regulated financial services institution that maintains personally identifiable information for all of their employees, retirees and contractors, making it all the more necessary to implement tight constraints around how data is handled and accessed. An increasingly mobile CFCU employee base made it necessary for IT to provide remote access to mobile data, however with such stringent guidelines and severe ramifications for noncompliance, CFU’s IT department was concerned about finding a solution that could provide complete Mobile Application Management and well refined Mobile Device Management control. Committed to tackling this challenge, they turned to AppSense solution MobileNow.

“We started to look at the vendor landscape and discovered that most implementations were very complex and had overly complicated admin interfaces. That was ultimately the key differentiator between all of the solutions,” said Sachin Kundra, Vice President of Information Technology for Chevron Federal Credit Union. “We needed something simple, but it also had to beyond just MDM, allowing us to get the data on the device and then control what’s happening with that data on our various applications.“ AppSense MobileNow was the only solution that met CFCU’s discerning criteria Chevron Federal Credit Union like many financial services institutions struggled with finding a complete mobility solution that could enable BYOD while meeting stringent industry guidelines.


  • Allow BYOD in the heavily regulated financial services industry
  • Implement a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution that provides well refined Mobile Device Management controls


  • AppSense MobileNow


  • Real-time policy enforcement that keeps IT relieved of all the pain while providing the best end-user experience
  • Support for native and non-native email, helping to meet security and compliance concerns
  • Enabled data management on the device and between applications, along with the ability to track data

Regardless of industry, BYOD is no longer just about managing the device. Today’s mobile workforce requires a comprehensive solution that can provide IT security and control for applications, data and devices across the enterprise, without compromising user freedom and flexibility.

To learn more about how Chevron Federal Credit Union empowered a mobile workforce within their highly regulated industry, download the full case study.


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