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Posted by on May 23, 2013 | Cloud Computing, Corporate, Desktop Management, Mobile Management | 4 comments

Just one year from the announcement of Project Avalon at Citrix Synergy San Francisco, Citrix has launched its first component of the project in the form of XenDesktop 7.

We here at AppSense want to be amongst the first to congratulate Citrix for launching XenDesktop 7 and in doing so, boldly making fundamental changes to their flagship product. With the substantial changes in this new version releasing to the community within a year is a spectacular achievement, and having worked with some of the teams involved we recognize the sheer effort required to deliver in this timescale.

For the AppSense team this is an exciting launch from Citrix. The ability to expand desktop virtualization into the cloud with dramatically simplified management opens up new opportunities for our customers, not just in VDI. AppSense continues to work with Citrix to ensure that we continue to build on the value offered by XenDesktop 7

As we progress to a future of desktops moving seamlessly between the datacenter and the cloud, ensuring the user experience remains seamless and consistent becomes paramount. As with all previous releases of Citrix technologies since before MetaFrame, AppSense will be here to assist IT departments in delivering the best possible user experience across all FlexCast scenarios delivered via XenDesktop 7 and AppSense intends to provide support for the new platform from day one of GA.

These are exciting days in the world of desktop virtualization.

Congratulations again to Citrix for bringing XenDesktop 7 to their customers and let the march to Avalon continue…


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