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Posted by on April 23, 2013 | Cloud Computing, Executive Insights | 3 comments

Microsoft Cloud Computing Provider

In my last blog post, Cloud Computing Platforms- A Race to the Bottom, I wrote about Google’s decision to reduce compute engine pricing and how it implies a shift in the way providers compete in the market. Continuing the trend, Microsoft also recently stated that they are committed to matching Amazon Web Services current and future pricing; setting out what would suggest a very aggressive competition to come.

In his blog post, Bill Hilf announced the general availability of Windows Azure’s Infrastructure Services but also went on to give some insight on the Microsoft Cloud strategy. Microsoft  is already engrained into many enterprise organizations, providing them with a distinct advantage in cloud computing compared to others-Something Hilf seemed to be aware of with his don’t rip and replace commentary. Corporate IT is already familiar with the Microsoft platforms, so it is understandable if they are more apt to stick with them as they venture into the cloud.

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The likes of Amazon have been massively successful because of the wave of consumer technology startups that are taking hold. Sure, enterprise products like Salesforce and Workday also make use of infrastructure for the enterprise, but much is still done on-premise. Corporate IT’s move to the cloud is inevitable, it will just happen much slower than many believe or cloud vendors would like to imagine.

This all brings about an interesting thought: When the time comes for the enterprise to shift to cloud computing platforms en-mass, will adopters decide to stick with  known platforms such as that of Microsoft? If so, how will this impact the existing cloud computing landscape? In my opinion, there really is no substitute for the offerings Microsoft provides to enterprise I, and their commitment to keeping pricing in line with that of Amazon’s solidifies Microsoft’s position as “The”choice for cloud in the enterprise.

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  • Steve Bau July 1st, 2013

    Google may have the price advantage, but how does Azure compare with Google and Amazon’s offerings? In terms of web developers, which provides the best service, support, and ease of deployment?

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