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Posted by on April 15, 2013 | Executive Insights | 1 comment

Are Corporate App Stores The Next COIT Trend

It is no secret that COIT has had a tremendous impact on global enterprises, as employees are using any technology assets available (corporate and personally-owned) to do their jobs more effectively. This COIT trend impacts the way we all do business, myself included. Productivity is often about personal choice and work style. In addition, As a CEO, I understand workers need flexible access to corporate assets across all devices.

While many enterprises focus on mobile device management (MDM) and data, an area that cannot be overlooked is mobile application management (MAM). Applications pose a big security risk to the enterprise, especially if employees are using apps downloaded from iTunes or Google Play and use those apps to disseminate corporate information. While these apps may seem secure, they lack many policies and controls that IT requires in order to keep an organization’s assets secure.

To help solve this problem, global enterprises have developed their own corporate app stores to deliver applications securely to employee devices, including smartphones and tablets. According to Gartner, by 2017, 25 percent of enterprises will have their own internal app store. Major enterprises are already on board with the corporate app store and in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal, SAP AG CIO Oliver Bussmann said, “His corporate app store hosts more than 120 mobile apps built internally and licensed from app partners.”

This is a trend that is certainly resonating among some of our key customers and partners. Last week, as part of being selected as the standard user virtualization solution for Fujitsu Virtual Client Services, we helped Fujitsu’s Global Delivery Centers streamline and establish a global application strategy across the business. The corporate app store enables Fujitsu to package an application once, apply security and policy controls and deliver that same application many times.

Not only do corporate app stores help decrease enterprise security concerns for IT, they also help reduce the cost and speed of certain IT transformation projects. This new way to approach applications holistically is the next big step in helping to drive IT as a service. Companies stay safe while keeping employees productive.

What do you think? Are corporate app stores to wave of the future? Please leave your comments below or continue this conversation on Twitter @AppSense.

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