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Posted by on February 06, 2013 | Desktop Management | 2 comments

As the consumerization of IT continues to evolve, so do the day-to-day complexities of desktop management in the enterprise. The traditional concept of a desktop no longer applies. While the use of traditional PCs are still predominant in most organizations, employees are looking to access common IT services from multiple endpoints, devices and applications. After all if at home you’re a Mac why settle for PC productivity around the clock?

Some of the key challenges associated with desktop management in the enterprise include:

  • High server and storage infrastructure costs.
  • Migrating users from physical to virtual desktops.
  • Rollout deployment risks and unforeseen complexity.
  • Minimizing user disruption while preserving each user’s experience.

At AppSense we are firm believers in the people-centric approach to managing user environments. Our goal is to ease the complexities brought on by an increasingly mobile workforce and enable a world where people can choose how they want to work, while providing the enterprise with IT precision and control.

The AppSense Management Suite helps users address desktop management challenges and more by enabling complete separation of the user from the underlying desktop so that new technologies and operating systems such can be seamlessly adopted while reducing existing IT operational costs.

So, what can AppSense do for your enterprise? A recent Forrester TEI study reported a 284% ROI potential  for customers who use the AppSense Management Suite. These benefits are worth $2.9 million per organization and yield a three-year risk-adjusted ROI of $1.8 million. Not bad if you ask us!

Discover the potential of a complete desktop management solution. Join us this coming Tuesday, February 12th, for “Measuring the Financial Impact of AppSense DesktopNow” with Forrester Senior Analyst, David Johnson  and AppSense Product Marketing Director, Gareth Kitson. Details below!

Webinar: Measuring the Financial Impact of AppSense DesktopNow Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Times: 8:00 AM PST/ 11:00 AM EST/ 4:00 PM GMT/ 5:00 PM CET

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