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Posted by on January 04, 2013 | Desktop Management | 3 comments

For any large organization, careful planning and preparation is a MUST before implementing a company-wide windows 7 or 8 migration. After all if any problems should arise, records could be lost, hardware could be damaged, not to mention the time lost and money invested. Couple these risks with corrupt roaming profiles and you’ve got yourself the perfect technical storm- As was the case with Canadian law firm McCarthy Tétrault.

Like many large organizations, McCarthy Tétrault had implemented the use of roaming profile environments in an attempt to provide their 1,500 + users with the same desktop experience across device. Despite their good intentions, these roaming profiles lead to further complications when they corrupted, due to the large number of customized settings, icons and documents in their user’s profiles. These corrupted profiles forced IT to delete and recreate user profiles in an attempt to resolve the issue- and because clearly the tech gods were not in their favor, they were also challenged with the need for an upcoming windows 7 migration.

Eager to kill two birds with one stone (bird one: roaming profile and bird two: migrate windows 7) McCarthy Tétrault’s IT team began investigating user virtualization solutions for windows 7 migration.

The Challenge

  • Create a predictable user environment that delivers a consistent end-user experience regardless of device or location.
  • Migrate Windows XP to Windows 7 and XenApp 4.5 to XenApp 6.5 that does not create disruption or downtime for users.

The Solution

  • AppSense Environment Manager

Prior to implementing AppSense Environment Manager, the user environment was configured in multiple places (talk about an IT headache). Maintaining that setup required rigorous discipline by the IT team in documenting and applying changes. With AppSense all user policy configurations were now managed under a single pane of glass, minimizing IT cost and complexity.

By managing the user as a separate layer, McCarthy Tétrault’s IT department can now better serve the needs of their users:

Alex Matei, Application Analyst, McCarthy Tétrault

For more detail on how AppSense helped McCarthy Tétrault increase user productivity and implement a seamless migration to windows 7, download our full customer case study.




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