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AppSense DataNow for iOS – Storage Providers

Posted by RichS on December 06, 2012  |   DataNow, Mobile Management  |  7 comments


If you have an iOS device, then hopefully you’ve been using our new DataNow for iOS app (watch the video), which allows you to connect to a number of different storage systems. If your company already makes use of the AppSense DataNow platform, then you’ll already know how useful it can be to have secure access to your companies files.

The AppSense DataNow platform is important to us, but we know that many of you will also have lots of other storage platforms for your personal files. Whilst there are apps for these platforms, managing your data through these individual apps is a bit of a pain. The idea for the AppSense DataNow for iOS app is that it allows you to easily access, and manage, all of your files though a single, simple app interface.

Storage Providers

We launched with support for seven different storage providers, and we are working on adding more to this list – you can even request a provider through the app interface if you want to vote for a new provider.

However, in case there is a storage provider that is currently not part of our app, we wanted to let you know that you may still be able to connect to it… using WebDAV.

WebDAV – Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning

WebDAV is an extension of HTTP that provides access to files and folders.

Almost all of the storage providers available have their own custom API interfaces (how computer software communicates). This means that to support a new storage provider, we have to write the code to talk using each API interface.

Having said that, many storage providers, as well as having their own API interface, have support for the WebDAV protocol. The WebDAV support may not provide all of the functionality available through their full custom API interface, but what is provided will often be enough to make it useful.


One example of a very popular cloud storage provider that supports WebDAV is Here is how you configure our app to access your Box content:

  • Tap on the ‘+’ button to add a new provider.
  • Tap the ‘Add’ button for WebDAV.
  • Enter ‘’ to the server field, and your Box username and password, and then tap ‘Login’.
  • Done!
    • You should now have a WebDAV provider on your main screen.
    • And, you should now have access to your Box files and folders.


Hopefully this makes our useful app even more useful.

If you have any ideas / improvements for future versions, please let us know.

About RichS

Head of Research for AppSense. Based in the US. Work on a variety of platforms and technologies. Always interested in new ideas, techniques, and technologies.


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