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Posted by on October 25, 2012 | AppSense Professional Services | 10 comments

Like many companies, Brocade was struggling to find the balance between its users’ needs and the needs of its IT department.  Brocade employees would log in to their services and adjust their settings, only to find those changes gone the next time they logged in.

Scott McCool, Director for Global IT Infrastructure Engineering for Brocade explained:

“The problem we were experiencing at Brocade is that our users would log in, the equivalent of walking into their living room and they would have things set just so one day and then the next day they would come back in and their walls were white, their furniture was moved around and their flat screen was missing. Trying to get any kind of consistency across the desktop environment was impossible.”

The company’s inconsistent desktop environment was a result of users being served from one of 21 independent silos with no profile management between them. In addition, corrupt profiles were leaving users locked out of their desktops, inundating IT with a sea of support cases.

With over 3,200 + dissatisfied users and an overwhelming situation for the company’s IT department, Brocade decided to invest in user virtualization solutions that would bridge the gap between a planned migration and its existing issues.

The Solution

Brocade refined their desktop management strategy by implementing an innovative set of solutions with the AppSense User Virtualization Platform.

The Result

Brocade now has the ability to maintain a consistent user experience across all devices. Login times also improved significantly, dropping 78% from its original 90 second login time.

These changes combined with a seamless Windows migration have increased employee productivity and reduced IT resources at the company.



“AppSense improved our desktop application performance by allowing us to control and personalize those applications on an individual user level, and maintain that same level of personalization across silos, geographies, and data centers to give us a consistent experience and to ensure the performance of that application,” said McCool.

Download our case study, to learn more about how AppSense and Brocade worked together to reduce complexity and cost of desktop management and enhance their users’ experience.


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