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Posted by on May 18, 2012 | AppSense Labs, DataNow | 9 comments

AppSense DataNow Vault is protecting the data of tens of thousands of users, for free, courtesy of the generous geniuses in the AppSense Labs division.

It enables users of cloud-based data synchronization services such as Dropbox to add security controls to the data they are uploading to the cloud.  It provides options to encrypt the data with a symmetric AES algorithm with a 256 bit key length and also place password protection on your files.

In essence, DataNow Vault secures cloud-based storage services without sacrificing the convenience of anywhere access, from any of your devices.

DataNow Vault can also be used to securely share your files with friends and colleagues too.  DataNow Vault will handle the encryption and decryption of the files between all of the accessing devices, and assigning passwords to the files themselves secures them even further meaning that to access the file you have shared, the recipient must also have the DataNow Vault client and know the password.  Without either, the data cannot be accessed or decrypted.

This is just one of the available data solutions from AppSense; to learn more about DataNow Vault or to download it yourself, visit the AppSense Labs DataNow Vault page or for the enterprise on-premise data access solution which integrates with your existing storage and file structures with no requirement for new or dedicated storage, please read more about AppSense DataNow here.

Keen to hear your thoughts!

Gareth Kitson | Director or Product Marketing, EMEA.



About Gareth Kitson

Gareth has worked at AppSense for over ten years in roles that support the adoption of user environment management solutions across the globe, including being the Director of Product Marketing for the AppSense desktop products. He is now head of marketing for UK & Northern Europe where is responsible for go to market activities, channel enablement, overseeing external product communications, and working with analysts, technology partners and customers to design and position our solutions to maximize user productivity and enable IT projects.

He is a frequent blogger and a regular speaker at virtualisation forums around the world.


  • Rich Somerfield September 3rd, 2012

    Hi Chris,

    You have correctly described the situation :-).

    We utilise the internal iOS mechanism for previewing files, and it appears as though it is unable to handle the password protected Word files. We will look at how to stop the app from crashing, but you’ll still need to use something else to be able to view the contents of the protected file.

    Hope this makes sense.


  • Johan June 22nd, 2014

    Is this product discontinued? My DataLocker iPhone App says I should download DataNow but that’s an enterprise version, not a consumer app…

  • Steve February 23rd, 2015

    Hi Gareth, quote “AppSense DataNow Vault is protecting the data of tens of thousands of users, for free, courtesy of the generous geniuses in the AppSense Labs division.”

    Is it these same ‘geniuses’ who removed access to download the datanowvault encryption / decryption software that I had on my old PC?. Now I have a new PC it seems you simply withdrew the software….so I have a bunch of files (several hundred in fact) nicely encrypted with your ‘FREE’ software. Seemingly locked forever!! Nice one. ‘Genius’!

    • Hannah Curtis March 3rd, 2015

      Hi Steve,

      Sorry to hear of the issue you have come across. Please get in touch with me directly ( so that we can work out a way forward for you.


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