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ComputerWeekly: Supporting User-Centric Computing.

Posted by Gareth Kitson on December 21, 2011  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

We are increasingly hearing the terms ‘Desktop Transformation’ and ‘user/people centric computing’, admittedly, a lot of this is often by vendors (including ourselves here at AppSense) who either enable transformation projects such as OS migrations, Application and/or Desktop Virtualization, Cloud Services, BYOx initiatives and/or vendors providing solutions to centrally manage the user across their multiple desktops and devices.. however there is a growing number of leading Analysts also discussing the shift to user based computing and the essential part user virtualization technologies play in this space based on their research with enterprise customers adopting and benefiting from this shift. 

With the above in mind, this morning I read an interesting article over on by Martha Bennett, VP, Head of Strategy at IT Industry Analyst firm Freeform Dynamics.

The article, Supporting User Centric Computing, discusses Why users (people) should be taken into consideration when aligning IT Service Delivery with meeting the needs of the business.  Key reasons include:

  • People will find ways around technology constraints
  • Failure to provide an acceptable service reduces productivity
  • People compare IT provided assets to their own (often superior) personal equipment
  • Cost reduction and a more efficient, proactive IT Service offering

The above sets the foundations for Martha’s views on the requirement for User Virtualization to enable a user centric computing strategy, which in-turn ensures IT  retain control while now providing freedom; both reducing cost and improving the user experience across all desktop delivery and accessing devices.

Ultimately this article is an introduction to a smart-guide booklet on ‘User Virtualization – Beyond Device Based Computing‘ Freeform Dynamics published earlier this year.  If you are new to ‘desktop transformation’, ‘user centric computing’ and ‘user virtualization’, I encourage you to take a read of the article and the smart-guide booklet as a great introduction to what is looking to be one of the fastest growing IT strategies.


Gareth Kitson – Director of Product Marketing | EMEA


About Gareth Kitson

Gareth has worked for AppSense for over 9 years and is the director of product marketing for the AppSense desktop products. He oversees external product communications and works with analysts, technology partners and customers to design and position people-centric solutions that maximize user productivity and enable IT projects.

He is a frequent blogger and a regular speaker at virtualisation forums around the world.

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