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AppSense and App-V whitepaper releases to the web

Posted by Michael Kleef on October 05, 2011  /   Posted in Uncategorized  /  0 comments

Not only has the AppSense website been re-launched under the message of “You are the Technology”, but this new App-V whitepaper is one of the first to feature the new brand! I think it’s interesting how this whitepaper really epitomizes that brand. AppSense User Virtualization really helps you to move towards App-V like no other product. See some of our competitors claim App-V support, but it’s so limited. This whitepaper details how AppSense and App-V work together hand in hand to move you from where you may be today with Windows XP and native application installations towards a layered desktop of Windows 7, App-V applications and AppSense UVP. No other solution can move your personalized settings transparently from native to App-V applications like AppSense can! You might be asking the question, why is moving to App-V for application deployment even worth it? Reputable analyst firm, Gartner even affirm that moving to App-V really drives down costs, further down below even a Well-Managed desktop. The data we have from our customers, successfully using Well Managed desktops indicates a further drop in operational costs also. The numbers tell the reasons why you should care, and how AppSense really delivers on helping you move from your old architecture to the new Flexible Workstyle that you want for tomorrow.

 This whitepaper details all of this plus the technical aspects to really help you understand how together, App-V and AppSense UVP enables a lower cost managed desktop, that delivers improved management, better security and a transparent user experience. It’s too compelling to ignore.

 Michael Kleef, Director of Business Development.

About Michael Kleef

Director of Business Development and Product Marketing for AppSense.
Have been at AppSense for just over a year now having been at Microsoft for 11 years. My last role at Microsoft was the product manager for Remote Desktop Services and VDI. Feel free to tweet me at @mkleef

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