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AppSense adds Office 365 support

Posted by Michael Kleef on October 13, 2011  /   Posted in Uncategorized  /  0 comments

Cloud services are revolutionizing the way we work. We use them everyday as consumers and increasingly as workers and employees in the business environment.

Office 365 is set to transform the way we work. Even while I was at Microsoft, I used Office365 daily while it was in beta. It’s a great product with fantastic capabilities and compelling value with Microsoft putting lot of effort and investment behind this new cloud capability that transcends platforms and devices. Many businesses today don’t want to be managing their own infrastructure, so the outsourcing of core services such as Exchange, SharePoint and Lync that eliminates the need to purchase, deploy and manage software and hardware infrastructure makes the cost per user model a “no brainer”. The parallel story also for the majority of businesses is the migration towards a Windows 7 and Office 2010 platform, for the ultimate experience in desktop productivity with some choosing to add Office 365 to this stack. AppSense of course has always provided compelling value on top of the client stack by transforming by making the technology focused around the user and supporting desktop migration initiatives.

At AppSense we want to support choices such as Office 365 in combination with our products. I’m pleased to announce that we have completed testing of AppSense Environment Manager 8.1 and Office 365, Windows 7 and Office 2010 and we are now going to be supporting this combination for our customers. Thats exciting news that I know will appeal to many customers as AppSense moves forward to help move customers from Windows XP towards Windows 7, Office 2010 and Office 365 in small, medium and enterprise businesses!

Michael Kleef, Director of Business Development

About Michael Kleef

Director of Business Development and Product Marketing for AppSense.
Have been at AppSense for just over a year now having been at Microsoft for 11 years. My last role at Microsoft was the product manager for Remote Desktop Services and VDI. Feel free to tweet me at @mkleef

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