Better Together? Nope. Required.

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In my last post, I highlighted that the channel is central to AppSense’s strategy moving forward. Solution Providers play a critical role in turning products from industry leaders like AppSense, Citrix, and VMware into solutions to real world customer problems. Partners have a unique vantage point into what it takes

Welcome, Al.

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I’ve known Al Monserrat—the newly appointed CEO of RES Software—for over ten years, and I value his wisdom, experience and high-integrity leadership. I count him as a friend. So it’s especially exciting that we both joined companies categorized within the user environment management (UEM) market within the past week – AppSense

UEM is About More Than Personalization

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  Most customers find their way AppSense because they are trying to give their users the ability to move from point A to point B easily. Sometimes it’s a move from physical to virtual. Sometimes it’s an ongoing need to roam between different Remote Desktop Session Hosts. Sometimes it’s a

A Win-Win for Workers and IT (and your bottom line)

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More than ever, users expect their workspace to be available when they need it and where they need it.  They don’t want to wait while their bloated profile loads, while their desktop is unresponsive, or while IT fixes a corrupted profile.  They want the flexibility to download applications and customize

Advanced Logging for Personalization Server

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  In this blog I’m going to discuss using advanced logging of Personalization HTTP traffic, with the goal of keeping life simple for those of us tasked with managing or troubleshooting Personalization systems. The communication between a single Environment Manager Personalization server and endpoints is relatively simple and requires very

DataNow- Electing to Exclude

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  Today I’d like to talk about a couple of new, powerful features introduced in the DataNow 3.5 Windows client that offers administrative control over what data is allowed to sync (exclusions) and what data is excluded from being populated automatically in a user’s cache by default in automatic map points

Oil & Gas ICT Leader 2015 Event

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Last week we had the pleasure of once again joining up with our friends Citrix, Lakeside Software, and Atlantis Computing to attend the Oil & Gas ICT Leader 2015 event in Aberdeen, Scotland. Over 200 IT leaders from the oil and gas industry attended the speaker and round table sessions to

Introducing AppSense Insight

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  AppSense customers have a deep toolbox to solve desktop problems, but figuring out where to start is sometimes the hardest part. For example, it isn’t always obvious whether problems like slow logon times affect all users, or just a subset. And even if you understand the scope of the

The Ultimate Desktop Experience Roadshow

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For years desktop virtualization has promised to be a silver bullet in end user computing. However many early adopters have struggled to realize the performance required in enterprise computing at a balanced cost with upfront CapEx being a barrier to adoption. With that in mind, AppSense, Atlantis Computing, Dell, Lakeside

Who ate my Cookie?

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  In this article, I’m going to cover an interesting troubleshooting exercise undertaken by the Solution Engineering team while investigating a DataNow issue whereby the Windows Client would intermittently lose its connection to the server and prompt the user to re-enter their credentials. To set the scene, AppSense DataNow is

AppSense Support Toolkit

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  Until recently, the AppSense Support team relied heavily on the Support Script for collecting information about customer environments to help them in troubleshooting and replicating issues in-house. The Support Script served its purpose, but as times change so do requirements.  We’ve developed a new tool for your use, the Support

Deploying AppSense to Physical Machines (2 of 3)

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Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.41.28 PM

Last time I talked about using AppSense on physical machines to assist with migrations. This week I’d like to talk about using our technology in application break/fix scenarios. Based on the incident type, the time spent by IT or the user themselves during troubleshooting can be significant and impact your business.

Obsessing Over the Details, So Your Users Don’t Have To

Posted by Peter Johnson on February 19, 2015  /   Posted in General  /  0 comments

One of the big reasons that enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) products are so popular these days is that they take functions that are complicated behind the scenes and make them look easy to the user. This starts with the heavy lifting of moving files back and forth efficiently

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