AppSense DesktopNow for Citrix Workspace Cloud

by Simon Clephan

Since 1999 AppSense has been delivering solutions built on Citrix technologies. Indeed, our long relationship with Citrix is built on delivering exceptional value to Citrix customers. The latest result of the AppSense/Citrix partnership is the AppSense blueprint for installing DesktopNow, released today and available now on the Citrix Workspace Cloud

October 01, 2015  |   Cloud Computing, DesktopNow  |  0 comments
8 Million Endpoints Milestone

AppSense Reaches 8 Million Endpoints, and Counting

by Jed Ayres

As the global leader in User Experience Management (UEM) solutions for the secure endpoint, AppSense continues to build on its market share leadership. Today we have announced a new milestone with the news that we now improve the user experience and endpoint security of more than 8 million endpoints, and

September 23, 2015  |   Corporate  |  0 comments
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You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

by Kristian Vidal

A few months ago I read a headline for a Security Week article about a $1 billion bank heist, in disbelief I clicked on the link to find out how this was even possible. Why did this particular article attract my attention apart from the whopping sum of money stolen?

September 08, 2015  |   General  |  0 comments

Monitoring Your DataNow Data: Now with Splunk!

by Robin Rowe

  I work with a lot of Enterprise customers using DataNow, and a good proportion of these have a Splunk deployment somewhere in their network. I’ve worked with a few customers in tweaking their Splunk setup to allow them to generate useful data from DataNow and wanted to share some

August 31, 2015  |   General  |  1 comment

DellWorld, here comes AppSense

by Simon Clephan

AppSense is excited to be attending DellWorld for the fifth year in a row. We’ve always made great connections with customers, prospects and Dell personnel at these events. Plus, spending a few nights in Austin for the “bat” experience and the Rock and Roll is a pleasure. AppSense will be

August 24, 2015  |   General  |  0 comments

Celebrating Ten Years!

by Bas Bremmer

Today marks my tenth Anniversary at AppSense. Before my career here I used to work for an AppSense customer (Sita/Suez) where I used the solution to maintain a highly complex, multiplatform environment in a simple way by using AppSense to separate the user from the underlying infrastructure. Excited by the

August 18, 2015  |   General  |  0 comments
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